you weren't special till i made you so 

“If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go”

—   Matthew Gray Gubler   (via astronomized)

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“I’m afraid I’ll never finish college. I’m afraid I’ll finish college with student loans I can never pay back. I’m afraid I’ll get a degree and won’t be able to find a job in that field. I’m afraid I’ll get a degree, get the job I dreamed of, and hate it.”

—   A Mental Illness Happy Hour listener whose list of fears matches mine four for four. Glad I’m not the only one. (via mukoros)

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If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.

“Kinda pointless to fight for what you want when what you want continues to break your heart.”

—    Molly McAdams, Stealing Harper  (via c-oquetry)

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its kinda scary how your whole life depends on how well you do as a teenager 

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“Maybe it won’t work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever.”

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“I think I might always be in some kind of love with you.”

—   F. Cabanes (via bl-ossomed)

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“You did not love me,
You just loved the fact that I was here for you.
You loved the attention I gave you,
You loved the fact that I would drop anything for you.
You did not love me, but god,
I loved you.”

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First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.

this is the most important thing right now.

Do you ever have that moment when a kid is looking at you and you realize that they’re looking at you as a grown up? Then its like no child im a children too, dont. Im sorry my outward appearance confuses you.

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If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.